Good evening,everyone,my honorable teachers and fellow students.

Welcome to the 2018 English talent Contest. 

First, let us introduce ourselves, your hosts for today. I’m 邓超骏 from Class 11 Grade2.

I’m 向璐珊 from Class 7 Grade 2.

I’m 王堃蕾 from Class 7 Grade 2. 

And I’m 康伟 from Class 5 Grade 2.

We’re quite honored to be the hosts for today’s English Talent Competition.  

Tonight, we will witness the seventh session of English Talent Contest. We are making a history.

Tonight, we will start the fourth stage of the whole Art festival. We are making a start.

Tonight we will see all the talents shining their unique gifts on the stage. We are enjoying a feast.

Tonight, we are together and we hope to get your support.

Now you are watching the 2018 English Talent Contest of Badong No.1 High School. This is the final. Thanks for your coming to today’s competition. 

In today’s show, there are altogether 21 contestants from Grade 2. You are welcome. I hope all of you will perform well and enjoy the process of the contest.

Our contest is divided into three sections. The first section is the singing competition. The second section is the speech contest and the third section is the recitation contest. Believe yourself and just hold it! 

Ok, it’s time for show now. First let’s come to the singing competition. In this period, beautiful voices will take us to the fairyland. Let’s just enjoy them.


Singing competition

Dreamit Possible,Meng Zhang

The One That Got Away,Yongye Xiang

Maps,Yanhong Peng

Wolves,Yuzhou Gui

The Show,Yansui Ren

Innocence,Liping Xiang

Undo,Yinan Tan

Speech competition

What is the True Speech,Yunyun Tan

Accept Yourself,Xiaoxiao Ma

Please Put down your Smart Phone,Mengao Tan

We will Fight in the End,Ningjing Tan

Don’t Put off Everything till Tomorrow,Haihomg Xie

Grasp the Present, Youth without …,Yulu Hu

The Youth, the Future,Xiaohan Long

Recitation contest

Ode to the West Wind,Linlu Wan, Mnegyuan Liu, etc.

Love Life,Na Xiang, Chunxiu Ye, etc.

Love Yourself,Nana Tan, Caizi Qian, etc.

Ode to a Nightingale,Xiaowei Tan, Xianda Zhou,etc.

When you Are Old,Nina Tan, Yuqing Shui, etc.

Time Was Slower in the Past,Xiaohan Wu,Xinyue Chen, etc.

Born as Summer Flowers,Menghan Xue, Lingfeng Zhang, etc.

An English drama

How time flies! Our English Talent Contest has come to an end. I hope all of you have enjoyed yourselves tonight! Thank you all for taking part in our contest.

Thanks for the great performances of our contestants!

Thanks for the presence of our leaders and the hard work of all the English teachers!

Today we gather here to enjoy ourselves. Let’s look forward to our next gathering! See you

See you! Bye bye!